Digital Learning Strategies for Rural America

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Digital Learning Strategies for Rural America – Limitless Possibilities with Digital Learning- ACCESS

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Rural Education and Technology Initiative

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The Today Foundation announces its Rural Education and Technology Initiative of America!

The Foundation in partnership with Governors, State and Local Education agency leaders, families and community members develops and implements a K-12 pipeline of impactful academic, college and career ready programs for students living in rural communities.

Rural education in America is challenged by students and families’ inability to consistently access quality academic programs and workforces training which prepares them for 2st century jobs. One solution is to offer proven programs and training through technology. This initiative, in collaboration with multiple education stakeholders and technology experts, aims to resolve these issues through public/private partnerships, multiple and flexible funding resources and expertise from various industry leaders.

There are at least six million unfilled jobs in various industries in the United States. Additionally, there are thousands of students throughout rural communities eager to fill these positions.  The Foundations’ aim is to bring the two together for academic and economic success for all involved

You Are a Freshman Now!

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We had a great meeting this past Sunday, May 19, 2019, when we had five TLF College and Life members present to our current class about their experience in making the transition to college. Thank you Jackson Tran, Gigi Walker, Jennifer Moreno, and Amy Teerath from TLF 2017 and Vivian Nyugen from TLF 2016 for such a great and honest presentation!