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Florencia Velasco Fortner, President of The Concilio,
challenges the students
to reduce apathy







TLF students discuss community
issues they have identified







Rep. Eric Johnson stresses education





Our October meeting focused on what the students considered to be the most pressing issues facing our community. The most common issue identified was education – the importance of staying in high school, continuing to college, the quality of education received in high school, gangs in schools, and teenage pregnancies. We discussed the impact unemployment and economic hardship has on all these issues.

Advisory board member, Florencia Velasco Fortner, President and CEO of The Concilio, highlighted how apathy contributes to the issues identified and the ramifications of not voting. Change only occurs when you are passionate and determined. State Representative Eric Johnson, District 100, discussed the community issues he faces and his goals of ensuring that every child in his district receives a quality education and has the opportunity to pursue a college degree. Thank you to Ms. Fortner and Rep. Johnson for spending time with TLF students and sharing your expertise.


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