Texas Leadership Forum: We Are All Going to College

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Thanks to Dean Chard the students and parents were invited to attend a meeting at the Simmons Hall School of Education at SMU.  Board Member, Kathleen Leos, discussed what the students could expect when they left for college and the impact on their parents and families.  The students reviewed their status in the application process and identified their individual college goals. Board Members, Carol Clyde and Danny Smith, each offered suggestions about the rigors of college and how to manage your time and balance your newfound freedom and the responsibilities you will have as a college student.  Counselors Allana Patterson, Irving HS, and Glenda Simmons, Sunset HS, helped by answering questions about scholarships and ways to help minimize the cost of college. We addressed the importance of completing the FAFSA application and filing in a timely manner.  The goal of this meeting is to help prepare the parents as their young adult leaves for college and to make sure the students have a realistic idea of college life including the responsibilities that come with this opportunity. TLF is very involved with each student and attempts to ensure they are on track and working toward getting into a college which is right for them.

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