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Now is the time for high school seniors to begin working on college applications according to Academic Consulting Services (“ACS”). ACS offered a timeline to TLF students to ensure they were meeting, and hopefully ahead of, all the deadlines for college applications. ACS stressed the importance of preparing for and taking the SAT/ACT multiple times to help students get into their college of choice and to increase their chances of being awarded scholarships. We broke up into student and parent groups with the student group discussing the application process while the parent group discussed scholarship opportunities. Thank you to ACS for sharing your expertise with TLF.

Thanks to 2011 TLF member Jake Schultze who attended the meeting and encouraged this year’s students to take advantage of all the opportunities and connections they will make through TLF. He stated that this program should not be something you think about only on the day of the meeting, but to make the principles we discuss part of who you are.

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