Anti-crime and Drug Prevention

Crime and drug abuse are exacting an enormous toll on families, schools and communities all across the United States. The Today Foundation is committed to stemming this epidemic, so the children of today can enjoy a better quality of life tomorrow.

State Senator "Buster" Brown of Houston (right) and ATAC Chairman Richard Collins during a 1996 criminal justice hearing - Tyler, TX

Associated Texans Against Crime (ATAC)

A statewide, public-policy organization that has as its goal reducing crime across Texas. We are concerned with all aspects of our criminal justice system but focus primarily on:

  • juvenile justice reform
  • parole policies
  • crime prevention
  • drug and alcohol programs
  • victims’ rights
    We advocate for tough laws on crime and communicate our ideas about such to state lawmakers frequently.
    Safer Dallas Better Dallas

    Safer Dallas Better Dallas strives to inspire public safety personnel and Dallas citizens to embrace the basic concept that a safer life for any individual is a better life for that individual, and hence a Safer Dallas will be a Better Dallas. The mission of Safer Dallas Better Dallas is to be a communicator and direct conduit to assist the Dallas Police Department. Learn more >