Rural Education and Technology Initiative

We want to bring innovative jobs to America’s Heartland by offering quality, accessible education in rural America to prepare students for 21st century careers.

The Challenge

1 in 5 students live in Rural America. Of the 3,700
 K-12 public schools, 79% are located in rural areas and do not offer high quality academic reading, math and science programs or competitive professional workforce training due to lack of access to fiber networks for digital learning opportunities.

Without broadband, districts and communities cannot offer:

  • Advanced academic courses in reading, math, science, STEM;
Workforce skills training in technology, coding, computers;
  • Consistent and innovative quality classroom instruction;
  • Professional learning opportunities for teachers / principals;
  • Access to meaningful apprenticeship programs;
  • Competitive career options.

Solution: The Rural Education In America Initiative

Implement rural technology infrastructures integrated with quality academic and professional learning programs to ensure students have unlimited access to 21st century coursework and training that match college and workforce demands.

+ How  //   Secure funding and expertise from multiple public and private sources to establish innovative academic / tech infrastructure systems in each state’s rural areas to connect students to rigorous online academic programs and job training.

+ Educate Leaders  //   Build awareness by initiating a Rural Education In America Initiative among diverse constituencies in states, districts, small towns, and local communities in America’s Heartland.

+ Spread the Word  //   Expand e-rate programs with affordable internet to rural schools.
Connect funds to decision-makers.
Designate spokespersons to “Bring Innovative Education and Jobs to America’s Heartland.”


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Contact Information

Kathleen Leos  Program Director
[ 202- 731-0391 or ]

Kathleen Leos currently serves as CEO of GILD and founder of the Education Neuroscience Foundation.  Her commitment and mission is to ensure equal access to equal educational opportunities for all learners including English and Dual Language Learners in the US and worldwide.

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