Texas History Awakens

An Interactive Online Reading Program

Texas History Awakens is an online Middle School (6th-8th) interactive reading program that accomplishes two Texas goals.  First, it increases the number of students who read proficiently at grade-level, and secondly, it teaches Texas history (a 7th grade required course) using engaging audio / visuals, authentic documents, and built-in assessments aligned to the State Social Studies Standards.

For those students wanting to know the historical “why’s,” Texas History Awakens provides answers while bringing history to life, enhancing the learning experience in the classroom, and giving teachers an extra tool to convey the rich history of Texas.


  • Aligned to State Standards
  • Dual Language Feature
  • Structured Virtual Learning
  • Vertical alignment to Texas History
  • TEKS
  • Comprehensive Content: for visual, auditory and contextual learners
  • Free form navigation giving student choices on reviewing content
  • Multiple ways to explore information in an engaging way
  • Visual Connections to time and place in history
  • A fresh look at history with unique illustrations and audio depicting events
  • Interactive Maps
  • Historical Videos
  • Multi-Cultural History
  • Multi-Ethnic History
  • Builds test taking skills
  • Allows students to research during assessment
  • Develops essay and written response skills
  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • Prepares students for State assessments
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Student Reports
  • Automated scoring

Visit the Texas History Awakens website to learn more: texashistoryawakens.com