Star Alumni

Congressman Pete Sessions and Texas Leadership Forum would like to recognize a special group of Texas Leadership Forum Alumni who have shown their unwavering dedication to ensure the continued growth of TLF by their exceptional leadership. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in promoting TLF through volunteer support and activities. The Star Alumni have been involved in our mentoring program, spoken at TLF meetings, attended alumni events and provided feedback to help younger TLF members make the transition from high school to college.

The following students received this designation at a private dinner with Congressman Sessions.

Amanda Campbell – Class of 2007. Amanda graduated from University of North Texas and is a Planner Analyst at Printpack.

Hannah Marsteller – Class of 2007. Hannah graduated from UT. She currently works at Tiffany’s as an operations professional and at the George W. Bush Foundation.

Jake Schutze – Class of 2011. Jake is a junior at the University of Texas.

Susana Mena – Class of 2011. Susana is a junior at the University of North Texas.

Nessa Serrano – Class of 2012. Nessa is a sophomore at the University of Texas.

Bethany Hicks – Class of 2012. Bethany is a sophomore attending Baylor University.

Cody Copeland – Class of 2012. Cody is a sophomore at Texas A&M University.

Selina Rodriguez – Class of 2012. Selina is sophomore attending Texas A&M University.

Alberto Romero – Class of 2012.  Alberto is a sophomore attending the University of Texas at Arlington.